Walking the (wood tile) plank – wish me luck!

This morning starts #demoday at Lady Linton. About one-third of the bamboo flooring is getting traded out for wood tile. As with any change, I’ve been deliberating on my final selection until the 11th hour, but luckily my contractor told me I don’t have to decide today! Demolition and preparing the slab come first and will take a couple of days.

You may have caught a sneak peek last week as I narrowed down my tile options from many samples (would you expect anything less?).

More details to come and follow along on my Instagram story for more real-time updates. I look forward to sharing more about the process of deciding what material and how to pick a material that will last, not go out of style tomorrow, and not break the bank!

In case you are new or don’t remember the original updates (here), you can see what our living area looked like before work began below.

Wood Tile - Before Wood Tile - Before Wood Tile - Before

I’ve narrowed it down, but always test them in day (1st) and night (2nd). Wood Tile - Before Wood Tile - Before

Wish me luck and we install the wood tile and bring it all back together!

If you’re just joining in – see the decision process, entryway reveal, and wood tile reveal posts next!

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