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A year ago today, Chris and I were surrounded by 60 friends and family members on the Island of Maui to celebrate as we jumped into married life. We spent four solid days enjoying time with our guests and I loved every minute of it! I told myself I needed to get it together after I got overwhelmed when we receiving our wedding photos  (I mentioned that here) so our first anniversary was great motivation to get it done. Last week I posted about the destination travel map I made for Chris for our anniversary.

I created our wedding album, filled with our favorite pictures captured by Dmitri & Sandra, on Shutterfly. It was a bit of a process to narrow down over 1,000 photos and arrange them in the album, but I love how it turned out! To see our virtual album, select the cover picture below.Shutterfly Wedding Album

We ordered a 94-page, 11 X 14 book with the premium layflat pages. I must say, I adore the full-page spreads in there! The one that capture’s all of us together makes me heart skip a beat. It is crazy to think of all the love and special relationships in one picture!

Shutterfly Wedding Album Shutterfly Wedding Album

As far as the album, I used the custom feature to edit certain layouts to best fit the pictures. I went with a simple white background without text. We also ordered albums for our parents, with the camel cloth cover, shown above. They are about half as thick as the layflat book, but significantly sturdier. I liked that you can put a photo on the cover (in case they ever forget what we look like). On our book, we chose the premium ivory crushed silk. I would have preferred the camel cloth; however, it seemed like the best option that Shutterfly offered with the layflat pages.

Shutterfly Wedding Album Shutterfly Wedding AlbumShutterfly Wedding AlbumFor comparison, the regular pages are slightly glossier than the layflat pages. The only difference I really noticed was on the full-page spreads. For a regular book, I don’t think I would have purchased the upgraded pages. In person, the difference it relatively small. Below, you can see a side view of the spine for each type of page.

Shutterfly Wedding Album Shutterfly Wedding Album

I heard from several friends that 50% off total purchase with free shipping was about as good as the Shutterfly deals get (They change their offers up every Thursday).  So, I worked on our album a little each night for about two weeks. I didn’t want to make any editorial mistakes by rushing my creation like I have in the past. My perseverance (and Chris’ patience) paid off; it turned out perfect!

I also created a little book from our recent trip to Disney World. I wrote the 8 x8 book such that the kids can read it out loud. It’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I also ordered it during the 50% off promo, which surprisingly included the Storytelling Disney style (specialty styles can be excluded from certain offers).

This last week has been one of reflection and nostalgia. So much of our lives are spent checking off lists and getting to the next goal. It was nice to pause and recount some of our favorite memories, and joke about that one painful “pen selection” Saturday morning in Texas Art Supply when I couldn’t decide on a pen for the place cards – love ya Ken!


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