Hearth & Hand x Target

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can mindlessly consume hours of Fixer Upper. There is something so genuine and kind about Chip and Joanna Gaines. They were recently in Houston for a Rebuilding Together Houston event helping Hurricane Harvey victims. Which brings me to their collection at Target – Hearth and Hand. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, we are also rebuilding our home and our lives.

Hearth and Hand has an artisan, rustic vibe but yet there are plenty of pieces with a modern touch thanks to clean lines. I plan on picking up a new cushion for my favorite rattan chair (if we can save it) and the tan beaded garland. Neither looks too holiday, which makes them great pieces out of this collection.

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leaf it up

I’m on to you palm print. You’re lurking in the background, hanging out and waiting to pounce while the blue & white does its thing. Why don’t you play together though? Can’t you both share the spotlight this season? I love you both!

They might go by different monikers, but they all have a similar look whether you call the print tropical leaf, palm leaf, or banana leaf or frond. The organic shape, the punch of green, the fun, whimsical feel, it’s just what your room, style, and pool need. I’ve decided I like them all. This kaftan I found the day before I left for Greece was my favorite find yet. I’m adding more leaves to my life little-by-little!

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Easter Brunch

This year Easter falls on my birthday weekend. Besides the usual birthday celebrations, my family will all be celebrating too on Sunday. With an ice cream bunny cake. Yes, I’m still a 5 year old in cake tastes. In preparation for the holiday, I thought it was time to bring out some more Springtime colors. April is always a busy month, but I so enjoy it!

One of my favorite childhood memories is dying Easter eggs at my Grandma’s house (outside, of course). The eggs I grabbed aren’t homemade, but they were almost as cheap as a DIY! And they didn’t require boiling eggs. #win

Do you have any special Easter traditions?

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Target | all the Fall things

It seems like I am always traveling during the official launch of the Target Fall Catalog. If only I could convince the Mr. that a trip to Target is totally necessary – today! Last year was all about PLAID. And while plaid is still hanging out, there is a much more organic shape, romantic, softer vibe going on with the linear stripes. I pulled out my Fall decor last weekend, but the house was not quite photo ready after a fun Saturday night celebrating my mother-in-law and watching the Aggies win. Now that Target has some exciting new pieces, I think I need to wait for those to arrive!

So Emily Henderson beat me to the punch with her favorites. And she has some awesome picks, but I can’t hoard the entire decor section of Target in my house every season. So I picked out a couple of things as gifts (only 94 days until Christmas) and a few things for the house.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the Target Fall Catalog:


The dark blue walls remind me of our Master bedroom. I love how the studded nightstand pops against the blue and midcentury vibe. The different textures from the textiles and nightstand provide interest while letting the bold walls standout.  Continue Reading →