Current loves

The month of May flew by over here and I can’t believe it’s time for another edition of what I’m loving this last month. Here are a few of my current loves and what I’m dying to try as well!

I’m still in love with our new palm print curtains and props to H&M home for two great finds!

I’ve finally found a new utensil crock for the kitchen.

Summer-y kitchen towels like these and these.

Why this is snazzier than a cardigan, more comfortable than a blazer.

I’m dying to try this new process for keeping hydrangeas alive FOR-EV-ER.

While not exciting, we are in a time of organizing and purging over here. I think it was spurred by helping a friend get ready for baby (can’t wait to meet you Luke!), but our guest room closet – I’ve got my eye on you! My favorite are jewelry organizers, closet containers, and interior cabinet drawers.

Share what you’re loving and what you’re dying to try below!

updates in the study

You know I am loving the tropical leaf trend as of late! My third leafy addition is these tropical leaf curtains in the study. While the focus of our study is maximizing productivity, we do spend a good amount of time in there and these add a soft layer as well as serve a purpose.

You’ll notice a new layout from when I first shared my office. I now get to share my office a bit more and with more sharing comes more function. We added a second monitor, printer, and rotated the desk. I enjoy looking at the shelves instead of the wall now; however, the glare on our monitors from the window can be a bit harsh.

When I ordered our new pillow shams and purchased these for the study. The fun leaf print adds another print to this bright room, and I’m excited to share them with you today. I used my favorite matte brass curtain rod again too. At $42 it doesn’t break the bank but is a sturdy weight with full-length curtains.

With the desk floating, I look over the shelves now as I work. I’ve enjoyed the enhanced view so far!

I’ve been thinking about adding some art to the blank wall, but I haven’t found what I want yet. Working from home doesn’t have to be such a drag. I’m already enjoying this playful print to add some cheer to our study!

leaf it up

I’m on to you palm print. You’re lurking in the background, hanging out and waiting to pounce while the blue & white does its thing. Why don’t you play together though? Can’t you both share the spotlight this season? I love you both!

They might go by different monikers, but they all have a similar look whether you call the print tropical leaf, palm leaf, or banana leaf or frond. The organic shape, the punch of green, the fun, whimsical feel, it’s just what your room, style, and pool need. I’ve decided I like them all. This kaftan I found the day before I left for Greece was my favorite find yet. I’m adding more leaves to my life little-by-little!

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