statement earrings

You know when you find something and it’s instant love? That’s how I feel about Alejandra Aspillaga Accesorios and her line of earrings. Like, I needed them (#NEED). I took three pairs of her earrings with me to Greece and they were the perfect addition to so many outfits.

This Peruvian gal has a great eye for combining unique colors and shapes for a one-of-a-kind look. Each pair is handcrafted in Peru and is very lightweight. I had such a hard time deciding which pair! They are each so different and I tried to step out of the box a bit with my color combinations. Continue Reading →

Current loves

Hope you have some fun Cinco de Mayo plans lined up! I am so ready for a good margarita tonight! I’m back this month with my next installment of current loves. My recent trip to Greece required some thoughtful packing. I forgot all my scarves at home, but the rest of these made it into my suitcase. Packing smart makes such a difference in how you feel and each of these played a part in my travel style for this trip!

 This linen, striped shirt is wrinkle forgiving and super breezy

field jacket was a must for the temperature swings of Spring in Europe Continue Reading →