Recovering from Harvey

Four weeks ago this weekend, just hours after hosting friends over for what would be the last party in our “pre-Harvey” house, flood waters came into Lady Linton and forever changed us. I haven’t had the words to write about what happened. It’s impossible to explain unless you’ve gone through it. My safe place, my pride and joy, my first house will never be the same. We are grateful for our safety and that the water did not come up too high as we were able to salvage some of our possessions.

In the days after the waters receded, I knew people would offer to help but I had no idea how many friends, family, and strangers would just show up ready to help us. Even a few weeks removed, I still don’t feel like I can adequately thank everyone. I have never felt so lost and yet so cared about at the same time.

Today, we have an empty house with no flooring or drywall under 4 feet. Items we saved are in storage. And, we are staying elsewhere. We are now navigating the flood insurance process and I would never wish this full-time job on anyone.

Thank you all for your prayers, kind words, food (& wine), helping hands, and supplies. We have a long road to getting back to regular life on Linton, but there’s more to this story of our time with her! Ending this post with a happy, cheerful summer picture of our home!



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