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We just finished up installing wood tile and a Cararra-like tile at Lady Linton last month. I’ve dreamed of updating our bathrooms, and hopefully, that is our next big indoor project. Today I’m sharing some powder bath inspiration that’s gotten me excited about designing two bathrooms this year!

Powder Bath Inspiration | life on linton

Currently, we have two one-human bathrooms by the Master bedroom. The things people did, right?? Since we first saw our home, we knew changing up the bathroom configuration on this side of the house was a must. To give you a complete picture, our third bathroom is by other three bedrooms on the other side of the house.

Bathroom one is an ensuite and has enough floor space for exactly 2 people to stand, to give you a sense of the small footprint. The bathroom two is just outside the Master and it’s the one guests use primarily. While not as small as the ensuite, it is very close to the kitchen and den. It probably isn’t a surprise that I chose to take bathroom two since I would lose the battle on keep that bathroom nice for guests otherwise.

I’ve talked before about the importance of living in your home before making major changes. These bathrooms are a perfect example of why. Initially, we thought we would just combine bathroom one and two and make one Master bathroom. However, we’ve realized that guests really aren’t interested in venturing to the other side of the house to visit the third bathroom. Especially when dripping wet after swimming! We decided it would be worth a slightly smaller Master bathroom to carve out a tiny powder bath for guests.

Why is it called a powder bath?

I recently realized I had literally no idea why a “half bath” was called a powder bath, except it sounds fancier.

Do It Yourself describes the powder bath as:

The term powder room has been around since the 18th Century. It was considered a closet sized room where people applied extra powder to their wigs. The Victorian times kept the term “powder room” to discreetly excuse oneself.

Beyond the utility, I’m excited about the prospect of decorating our powder bath in a little less neutral palette. I plan to stay within the house colors of blues and grays with pops of wood tones, but adding a little oomph to this tiny space!


I’m leaning towards something with an artisan feel. Whether it’s a cement tile that looks painted, an heirloom tile with varying texture, or perhaps something a bit more unexpected! I felt pulled this direction when I looked through the Floor & Decor setups and it was also a plus to hear that these tile trends are just something I liked!

While traveling in the United Arab Emirates in early February, I noticed hotels and restaurants there must have some similar taste as me! I snapped a few pictures that inspired me:

Powder Bath Inspiration | life on linton Powder Bath Inspiration | life on linton Powder Bath Inspiration | life on linton

Powder Bath Inspiration | life on linton

I know the patterned cement tile trend is gaining traction. I’ve started noticing it more and more on social media. What is also great about these are the porcelain options that are starting to get to the market, which brings down the price. Big box stores are also carrying it, albeit under different names such as Merola tile.

I’m leaning towards either a subtle pattern on the floor and/or incorporating some tile on the walls. There won’t be any windows, so keeping it bright and fresh is a must for me!

(via Centsational Girl)

(via Centsational Girl)

(via Elements of Style)

(Via Style by Emily Henderson)

(via Mercury Mosaics)

This last one really meets the scale I’ll be working with too! I have a few more inspiration pictures pinned on my bed & bath board too! Right now we are still discussing the layout, which walls can move, etc. Looking forward to sharing more of the design plan as we progress!

So what you do you think cement tile, artisan tile, or both for our powder bath? Share below!

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