Friends Are Like Fine Wine

Asking my bridesmaid’s to stand by my side was one of the things I looked forward to most after Chris proposed and put a ring on it. There are only a few times in your life when you do something so meaningful. I found it especially fun to surprise my maid’s when I saw them over the course of a couple of weeks. Continue Reading →

The Art of Thank You Notes

As a bride to be, I have written my share of thank you notes this year and Chris and I haven’t even said “I do!” yet. I don’t typically find myself yearning to write these little notes, but I do find joy in knowing it will brighten someones day when they check the mail. I know I love receiving one!

To get in my note writing groove I usually put on some HGTV or Bravo, pour a glass of wine, and pick out some notes out of my bin (yes, I have a bin of note cards). I take a few easy steps to craft my best work every time. But before I share my steps…I have a little story… Continue Reading →

Sangria, Orzo, and Friends

These days we love a great night with our girlfriends! Our boys were out-of-town this weekend so we decided to take advantage of the girly time.

Kendra wanted to make a white wine sangria for Independence Day by the pool. It was the perfect excuse to practice (quality control, a must). We invited two friends over to join in the fun! Kendra served the delicious white wine sangria with a summer orzo pasta salad and turkey meatballs. I stuck to cutting up the fruit while Kendra worked her magic on dinner.
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