Cats and Pearls from C. Wonder (plus a sale!)

C. Wonder recently came out with their early Fall collection. It’s still super hot in the South, but I figured a great way to start transitioning is with accessories! Pair a summery dress with some new bangles or shoes to shift into Fall.

Now through Labor Day, C. Wonder is 30% off! Also, you can score free shipping on purchases over $100 (no promo code needed) so combining these two offers make for quite the savings! Continue Reading →

Building A (Wedding) Brand: The Series

Today I am starting a series about my path from fiancée to wife. As a bride, I always enjoyed reading how others approached decisions, what worked for them, and what other brides learned from their wedding. I named the series Building A Wedding Brand, because I found the process was much like building a personal brand. There are all these different elements that in the end leave each guest with an impression of the couple. I may have been a little business-like when it came to planning our celebrations, but for me it was an organized way that I understood! Continue Reading →

Curating My Own Gallery Wall

Three weeks from today, Chris and I become homeowners. We are very excited to own something but I think I am most excited to have a house to make our home! Since we went under contract I’ve been dreaming (literally) of everything from our paint colors to our dining chairs. So while I [im]patiently wait for the magical day to come I’ve started gathering some ideas for a gallery wall or two! I’d love to do something from floor to ceiling like Emily Henderson loves to do. Just today she posted this aahh-mazing one!

Emily Henderson Gallery Wall

Or maybe something more photograph-full like Young House Love’s hallway gallery wall

Young House Love Gallery Wall

Or maybe even a super close-together version like Katie from Life With A Dash of Whimsy’s:LWADOW Gallery WallI still have a few weeks before I get to click and shipping! I have collected interesting pieces from my grandmother, mom, friends (thanks Kendra!), and now from travels with Chris. I think what draws me to each of these are the personal nature of the art. Each piece has a story to tell.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a few gallery wall pins! Don’t mind the entire board dedicated to Walls. I can’t wait to put a personal touch on our own four-sided friends!

What do you think of gallery walls? Any major successes?

Hidden Gems

Tonight while browsing around Dillard’s I came across these cream Kate Spade inspired earrings (left) which were quite the steal. I have had the bridal Kate Spade Grand Bouquet (right) earrings in my shopping cart for a while now but could not pull the trigger.

Hidden Gems

 Anne Klein / kate spade

When I found this very similar style which was originally $35 but on sale for $12.25 at Dillard’s versus the Kate Spade earrings at $98, it became a no brainer! I love the creamy color and substantial but not gargantuan size. (I’ll be wearing these all day!) There is something so satisfying about finding a steal. I’m all about pairing high with low and it looks like my wedding day will be no different! Can’t wait to show you my whole wedding day look!

What’s your best high-low steal? I love hearing what fashion gems you have found!