Current loves

Happy Friday and welcome back to my second edition of current loves! I’ve got one more super busy week at work but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This month I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving and some trends I’m trying out. More about these later!

This weekend we are finally going to Xochi. Last month, we went to Caracol (run by the same group) right after I got all the Spanish coastal feels.

Will it be bad if I match the buildings in Greece? So much blue & white.

Adding some green back into my life with this dress and this pillow.

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Easter Brunch

This year Easter falls on my birthday weekend. Besides the usual birthday celebrations, my family will all be celebrating too on Sunday. With an ice cream bunny cake. Yes, I’m still a 5 year old in cake tastes. In preparation for the holiday, I thought it was time to bring out some more Springtime colors. April is always a busy month, but I so enjoy it!

One of my favorite childhood memories is dying Easter eggs at my Grandma’s house (outside, of course). The eggs I grabbed aren’t homemade, but they were almost as cheap as a DIY! And they didn’t require boiling eggs. #win

Do you have any special Easter traditions?

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Have you shopped at Lulus before?

I recently bought a bridesmaid dress from Lulus. Have you shopped at Lulus before? Most of the options are less than $100 and they offer various styles in the same color and material. I had heard several women mention Lulus before but had not tried them personally. While ordering my bridesmaid dress I decided to purchase a few spring dresses. It’s nice to have a few new on-trend pieces for the season that don’t break the bank. And, are different from the popular Nordstrom options!

Their stock seems to go in and out depending on the specific color and size combination, so I did find it a little annoying that I couldn’t search by in-stock within my size. Once I found a couple of pieces I could order right away, I placed my order and my package arrived in the mail the next week. Lulus offers free shipping over $50 and free returns within 10 days (enough time to try it on and decide if you bought a keeper!). Also, they offer $15 off – use code take15 at checkout.Trendy Spring Dresses from Lulus
I’m excited to share my purchases with you today. Way out of my comfort zone to be in front of the lens, but hopefully, these help you!
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Investing in Art

Investing in art is something I don’t think I ever thought I would be excited about as a post-grad. I mean, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Target had lots of options and sometimes you can even get them on sale! What more could I want when decorating my place? While I still do find decor from those places, I find myself going back to meaningful art when I want to add something to our walls.

Last Fall, we commissioned a special ocean painting by Brynn W. Casey for our Christmas presents to each other after our most recent visit to Hawaii. We typically don’t exchange gifts, but I admire the tranquility of the ocean she captures so beautifully. No joke, I had found her on Instagram over the summer and was subtly enjoying her posts in my feed. One morning on a walk near A-Bay on the Big Island, I was looking out over the ocean and thought of her work! I emailed her right away to see if she was available for a commission. It was such a treat to work with her and if anything it has started the snowball of getting more pieces! Here is my picture from that infamous walk:

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I skill look back through my pictures from our last trip!

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