Black Window Frame Inspiration

Each year, we try to chip away at various projects or improvements to our 1950s ranch home. We started off the year with new wood tile, and now we are changing out the windows throughout our home. New windows bring more energy efficiency, better sound proofing, and up our curb appeal game. While we enjoy the privacy of solar screens, I’m a little over air conditioning the neighborhood. Today, I’m sharing some of my black window frame inspiration for the upcoming change.

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Date Night in Houston

Do you have a go-to for date night? We have our usual “it’s 7:30 and we are both hungry” places near our house, but then there are our favorite spots for a date night in Houston. Date night is one of the new times we have in a week to connect just the two of us face to face. They may not happen every week; however, that is our goal. Our conversations aren’t as operational or tactical. They tend to bring out our more playful side.

We try to challenge ourselves not to talk about work, but I’ll be honest we aren’t perfect at that! Even having known each other for so long we are still getting to know each other. Just the other day, I learned about a preference on shrimp size (too small = not a fan). Some of our date night spots are also a time when we try a new place and get out of our comfort zone! There is something to be said about trying something new together!

Today, I pulled together a few of our go-to date night in Houston ideas. Some of these are also great for a double date as the energy is a bit more upbeat. We don’t mind white table-cloth kind of places, but you’ll see from the list that we tend to go to lively spots with quality food and drinks. Continue Reading →

Wine tasting bridal shower

This past weekend, I had the joy of hosting a shower along with three other dear friends to celebrate Kendra’s upcoming nuptials later this summer. We had a great afternoon filled with laughter, stories, and even a few words of wisdom from our moms. Laura came up with the idea of hosting a wine tasting bridal shower. Everything took off from there! We complimented the black chalkboards with pops of mint, gold, and white and beautiful florals.

The soft, handmade envelope liners were and easy and fun DIY to compliment our invitation design. I don’t know why I hadn’t done them before. It really takes the set to the next level without a big cost. The paper was only $6 and enough to make 8 liners. To add a personal touch, we printed a few of Kendra’s engagement pictures and used them throughout the decor. See these and more below! Continue Reading →

Santorini | Greece Travel Guide

Ever since instant classics, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I’ve known Greece was a place I would visit. Santorini’s picture perfect cliffs topped with blue and white buildings is an instantly recognizable island. Up close, the deep, blue ocean mirrors C-shaped island making for an amazing sight! This Santorini travel guide is part of a series within my Greece travel guide.


If Santorini is on your bucket list, today’s Santorini travel guide should be a great tool for you to help focus your online searching, pinning, and researching. You can also follow along with a travel map (also great while actually on the island) and see our entire Greece itinerary.

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