The Road to Buying our Namesake

So, here’s the story of how we all came to be part of this life we live on Linton…

About 10 months ago, Chris and I started the house hunt for real. We’ve been hunting lightly for the past 2 years but now it was time to get serious. We explored Open Houses, we had our saved searches on, and we had already talked to our mortgage broker about the financial-side of things (pro tip: do this before you waste any more time window shopping on MLS). Chris and I had also optimized our finances such that we could present our personal situation in the simplest and most attractive way possible for a seller.

Naturally, things started popping up right as I started my busy time of year. March 1st through April 15th, I pretty much die to the outside world. And I just looked at the contract for the first house we submitted an offer on and it was dated March 10th. LOADS of free time that week – not! Anyway, that one was a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home that backed to apartments. I am so glad it didn’t work out. Now – I’ll fast forward through the rest of them so as not to ensue a snooze fest…. Continue Reading →

Welcoming Fall with an easy chili

Yesterday was the first cool morning in Houston, the first sign of Fall. Naturally, I felt it was the perfect reason to order my first PSL of the season! On the way home, I suggested to Chris that we make chili for dinner. Usually my dinner suggestions receive adequate acceptance since most weeknight meals are clean and healthy, but Chris got excited about this one and even requested we add cornbread and a salad to the menu. Score!

My mom shared this quick and easy chili recipe for me several years ago and I have several adaptations that I cycle through regularly during the cooler months. Need a quick weeknight meal? And even better the next day! Continue Reading →

Building A (Wedding) Brand: Invitations – all the details

Yesterday I posted a photo bonanza on my letterpress wedding invitations. So let’s start at the very beginning…


  1. Nine months out, I started heavily browsing blogs and shops online.

Just to name a few: Oh So Beautiful Paper, Laura Hooper Calligraphy, Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, and Crane are several that looking back I found to be influential! I’ll just call this product development research, HA!


  1. Eight months out, I went to a local brick & mortar shop called, Bering’s.

Locally, I think of them for their gifts and paper goods even though they do so much more.  Bering’s is very hands-on with lots of binders of invitations to look through from every big name you can think of. I really liked William Arthur and Crane & Co. after spending an afternoon with the lovely stationary ladies. I loved the ability to actually touch the paper and ink and see the ink colors in person. Continue Reading →

Building A (Wedding) Brand: The Invitation Suite

Of all the things on my wedding to-do list, invitations were probably the task I looked forward to most. I have a love for old-fashioned, formal-snail mail. Something about using licking your envelope shut and dropping it in the mail that gets me all excited. I have a Print & Press board on Pinterest that has a smorgasbord of all things print & press. Letterpress and modern calligraphy being my favorite, of course!

I’m not sure exactly when my obsession started, but I was able to find almost every invitation, or official correspondence I received (and a lot of their envelopes) since 2007. My cousin, Amy, and her husband, Jay, got married in April 2007 and it was the first one I put in my box. I guess I started keeping them so when it was my time to get married I would have lots of examples of REAL invitations. They have also come in handy for shower invitations, graduation announcements, and Rsvp’ing through the years. I posted a short video on Instagram awhile back showcasing a few of them.

I absolutely loved my final product! Continue Reading →