Current loves

Hope you have some fun Cinco de Mayo plans lined up! I am so ready for a good margarita tonight! I’m back this month with my next installment of current loves. My recent trip to Greece required some thoughtful packing. I forgot all my scarves at home, but the rest of these made it into my suitcase. Packing smart makes such a difference in how you feel and each of these played a part in my travel style for this trip!

 This linen, striped shirt is wrinkle forgiving and super breezy

field jacket was a must for the temperature swings of Spring in Europe Continue Reading →

back to life | back to reality – a Greece mini recap

After 9 days frolicking around Europe, I am back to the real world. Those post-vacation blues are very real. BUT, we had an amazing, magical trip and I still can’t believe it was real. Since travel guides take time, today I’ve got a Greece mini recap for you.

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platform shoes – are you in?

So I’ve seen platform shoes EVERYWHERE this year. And while they totally remind me of my awkward tween years in Doc Martins, I decided to give them a try. They are really cute, you get some height without the pain of a high heel, and I’d like to think they are good for self-defense if you need to knock someone out!

Full disclosure – I did not keep any of them. I really, really tried to like this trend, but I need some flexibility in the sole. I’m not sure how I used to walk around in my Docs, but I feel I’m trying to walk in flippers in platforms! So I’m going to have to find an alternative way to partake in the platform trend! But I wanted to share these with you since they are all super cute and all under $50! Continue Reading →

Hawaii Mornings

Do you have a special place that instantly relaxes you? Hawaii is that place for us. From the minute we land, there is a calmness that sweeps over us. We enjoy long morning walks, relaxing outside, and taking it all in.

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