Hawaii Mornings

Do you have a special place that instantly relaxes you? Hawaii is that place for us. From the minute we land, there is a calmness that sweeps over us. We enjoy long morning walks, relaxing outside, and taking it all in.

Last October while visiting the Big Island (travel guide here), we went on our usual morning walk. It was such a beautiful morning, and thanks to the time difference it was a little after 8 am! The sound of the waves, the beautiful volcano in the distance, the sounds of lava rocks under my feet – I get lost just imagining it now. On this particular morning, the scenery reminded me of this artist I’d followed on iInstagrama few months prior. Brynn W. Casey paints and draws these beautiful ocean works. They are so detailed, so peaceful, and it was exactly what I knew we needed. Chris and I aren’t usually exchanging gifts, but this year we commissioned a piece by Brynn. I shared a bit about the process here.

When it arrived I put it in our living room until I could get it safely hung in our bedroom. I couldn’t believe we finally had our own ocean painting and I was not able to casually prop it up. After a weekend in the living room we got it hung in our bedroom. It was so interesting to me to see how different it looked on the different wall colors! We have SW Agreeable Gray and SW Bracing Blue, for reference.

I also changed out our pillow shams to a green linen. I’m still tweaking our bedding, but I already like how the green enhances our painting and brings another color into our room. I had a little trouble finding green linen pillow cases, but thankfully a reader alerted me that H&M home had some. They are perfect!

I love walking in every night to get ready for bed to find a reminder of our favorite place!

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