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If you’re joining me from the Santorini travel guide, welcome! Today I’m sharing a Mykonos travel guide to make the most of your time on the island and have a ton of fun! You know all the picturesque blue and white streets and buildings you dream of? Mykonos is ALL of that plus a lively nightlife sure to keep you entertained.The town actually requires businesses to keep that white nice and bright! Since we went to Mykonos in late April, several places were freshening up their white paint in preparation for the Summer season.

Mykonos refers to both the island as a whole AND the largest village/town on the island. If you’re searching for accommodations, you’ll find almost all of them are in the Mykonos town area. Compared to Santorini, Mykonos town is a lot more compact, making the accommodations decision a bit easier as you are usually pretty close to the center of all the action.

Where to stay:

Mykonos’ has a variety of small hotels and apartments if you want to be close to town. A little farther away (and up the hill) there are stacked home with infinity pools that offer a little more privacy. Before we visited Mykonos, it was tough to differentiate between the two. After our trip, I am really glad we opted to stay just a short walk from the heart of town.

We opted to stay at a relatively larger hotel with a long history on the island. The sunsets on the balcony overlooking the town and the bay of Chora each night and a large resort pool made the Leto Hotel a great choice for us. With terraced rooms, both of our rooms had unobstructed views of town and access to a private balcony as well as the shared balcony. The hotel offers a poolside bar and daily breakfast as well as a privacy wall (important for relaxing when the cruise ship tourists arrive).

{Travel tip: instead of staying south of the bay, stay to the North for a fantastic view of the Old Port and sunset every night}

While the town of Mykonos is where most tourists will choose to spend their time, if you are staying for more than a day I highly recommend exploring the rest of the island. There is so much more to see!

What to do:

Delos island tour – ancient ruins on an island about 20 minutes from the port. Two ferries daily take you there and back. Since we chose to spend only 2 days on Mykonos, we opted to skip this tour since we knew we would be sailing around Santorini.

White, sandy beaches – Paradise, Super Paradise, Psarou are all a short drive from town and provide an excellent afternoon in the sun with secluded resorts. A few are a bit European (clothing optional) and all are known for some killer day parties. In late April, the resorts were not yet in full swing but we still enjoyed a coastal walk and the beaches.

Explore the island – we set out after breakfast in a rental car to see the island. We visited several beaches, hiked, enjoyed lunch in the central village of Avo Maria, home to the where the monastery, adventured through the countryside and made our way up to the lighthouse on the NW tip of the island.

{Travel tip: Take the time to explore outside of Mykonos Town. The people, the culture, the bountiful churches are so unique and are so different from town.}

Rent a car or quad  – note to self, “roads” on Google aren’t always roads in Mykonos. It was nice to have a change of clothes for the day out but we might have been a little more comfortable driving on the roads using a quad.

Go to the lighthouse – the trek up to this lighthouse isn’t for the faint of heart, but the views from the cliff are incredible. You can see several other Greek Isles in the distance as well as the beautiful sea down below.

Walk the main drag – the central point of Mykonos is the boardwalk around the bay of Chora, flanked with shops and restaurants. We enjoyed lunch overlooking the water one day

See the windmills –  standing tall over the town, these large windmills are a landmark and popular picture spot.

Get drinks next to Little Venice – the splash of waves, the coastal breeze, and the beautiful view of Little Venice make this a perfect spot to slow down and relax with a good drink. This area transforms to a lively late-night attraction for tourists that stays up late into the evening.

Where to eat:

Every meal we had in Mykonos was pretty great. Most of the places offered reasonable prices, but you can definitely find pricier options if that is what you were looking for.

Mourayio Family Restaurant – on the boardwalk at the bay of Chora, this is a popular spot for the views. It’s one of the first stops in town and had a great Greek salad and grilled fish.

Katerina’s – overlooking Little Venice, pop by here for a delightful afternoon drink and snack.

{Travel tip: Dinner overlooking Little Venice comes at a price. Enjoy the daytime view with afternoon drinks on the coast and opt for an alley restaurant for dinner}

La Casa – Not bigger than a kitchen in a home and a dining room, their homemade dishes were great for a traditional Greek dinner. La Casa had a fantastic moussaka, a Greek version of shepherd’s pie, cheese appetizers, and mussels.

Captain’s Food for Sharing – besides the incredibly nice owner, we had some great wine (Kanenas, out of a stumpy bottle) and dessert here. We stopped by after our dinner, but the plates all looked delightful!

Marias – we heard great things about Maria’s and the adorable decor and busy patio definitely speak to the rave reviews!

Mykonos is one of a kind. These this magic of the town painted in blue and white with the winding paths and beautiful Bougainvillea cascading over the balconies. Walking the maze of streets, it was so fun to get lost and all of a sudden find a glimpse of the water and see where you’ve popped out.  It’s such a tiny place, you’re never far from your place. Enjoy a glass of wine on the patio and watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea!

If you found this Mykonos travel guide helpful, you can jump over to Santorini and my other travel guides for some more inspiration!




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