Have Stuff. Need Bookcase.

This post is in no way sponsored by Target, but I found myself down a rabbit hole on their website today looking for a stylish and affordable bookcase to add to my office, also known as “our study” to add a little more organization for important papers, receipts, manuals, etc. If you are on the hunt for a bookcase, I have found the place!

Back in September, we moved in and I used my old desk from college to create an office. You can see the before and after pictures here. Currently, we have an “important stuff closet” that I fondly refer to when Chris asks, “where is the ?” It is not ideal. We have survived this way, simply, because we do not own a bunch of furniture, much less storage beyond our closets.

My office is the only feminine room in the house. I wanted a super cool brass bookcase to add to the space like Jenny from Little Green Notebook did, but unless I want to DIY or continue to scour Craigslist for some form of shelving the wait will have to continue. I decided to look online at Target for some alternatives that could arrive at my doorstep. I’m lazy. I need a solution, and preferably soon!

Target Style Bookshelf8My original plan: Acquire an Ikea Vittsjö shelf from CL for $30 or less. Spray paint gold, and voilà!  Sugar & Plum made it look so easy (photo, right)! Great plan, except this bookcase is apparently a popular item in Houston and I refuse to buy it for full price at Ikea (yes, this would be much simpler). I haven’t had any luck procuring such shelf (in the double-wide variety) to put in the study. However, I did get a narrow version to use in our kitchen, which helps to break up the side of the fridge and add some extra storage for wine and booze. We obviously focused on essentials first.

Enter, Target. This morning while I was perusing my feed on Bloglovin’ (if you haven’t joined it yet, you should! It’s super easy, just click on the link on the right sidebar. It saves me so much time while keeping up with the Blogosphere), I came across a post by Emily Henderson about her newest favorites at Target. She pinned had a great grey desk chair that I snatched up for $58 with in-store pickup (!!!) and 2 stackable coupons, details are below. I’ve realized in the last month that working from home requires an extremely comfortable environment. I am very distractible yes, that is a real word while working at home.

Anyway, now to the stars of this post: Target‘s bookcase collection! I’ve check out their home goods before and haven’t bought anything big, but today I was impressed. Here are a few options I am contemplating for my office:

Target Style Bookshelf

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

My office is petite so I want to make sure you can see from wall to wall as you walk in. The open shelving keeps the space from feeling confined while still using vertical space. I threw in the lower bookcase since it still has the open feeling given the legs and lower height. I have until Saturday to decide!


Target has 15% off furniture + an extra 10% off (yes, its stackable!) through Saturday. Not to mention, free shipping on overs over $50!

If you were me, which one would you pick and why?

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