back to life | back to reality – a Greece mini recap

After 9 days frolicking around Europe, I am back to the real world. Those post-vacation blues are very real. BUT, we had an amazing, magical trip and I still can’t believe it was real. Since travel guides take time, today I’ve got a Greece mini recap for you.

We landed in Athens on a Friday night and spent a little less than 48 hours on the mainland. We went for the history and the views and knocked them all out along with some great food and wine, a recurring theme of this trip! But really, #allthewine

Next, we flew over to Mykonos for three days on the beautiful island. Everything is blue and white and the town is so tiny and cute! We explored Mykonos town, adventured all over the island, and even survived some Greek driving!

Our last stop in Greece was the island of Santorini. Ever magical and majestic as I imagined, we enjoyed nightly sunsets from Oia, spent the day boating around the island and also visited several wineries. Did I mention we had some wine?

On our way back home, we opted to have a stopover for the day in Zurich to break up the flights and see Switzerland. I was there in 2010, but the memories are a bit fuzzy from backpacking! If you’re up for a longer transit time, a stopover can be a way to break it up and add a new country or place to your trip while you’re in the area.

I know a couple of you are heading to Greece this year. I am working on pulling together a guide to this trip as well as some extras on my favorite activities!




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