Entryway Reveal

As we began work with our contractor, Edin, to install 670 sqft of wood tile in our kitchen, den, and hallway, the pink marble in our entryway started to stick out at me, majorly. We’ve gradually made changes and such a small project of about 13 squares of tile was totally do-able on my own, but would likely be an entire weekend project. I decided I would go ahead and let the pros take care of it too.

You can also read more about the decision process, see more before pictures, and the wood tile reveal.

Marble Tile Entryway

I knew I wanted the marble look in our entryway. A simple, classic feel would be an easy decision. Floor & Decor had several options to choose from and it was really helpful to see the displays since they are a similar size to our entry. I grabbed two sizes of marble but funnily enough on my way to the register I found a porcelain polished tile that was the one! It looks very similar to the Bianca Cararra (left above), but the lighter background and longer veining sold me.

Before we get to the reveal, here is a walk down memory lane.

We started by trading out the pink walls for gray in our first round of updates.

Then I added some curtains, changed out the rug, and turned this room into a sophisticated parlor. That’s when the pink marble really started to get to me.

So here we are today!

(Please excuse my still dirty floors)

For only 25 square feet, the cost of marble versus porcelain was not a real issue for me. Ultimately, I liked the veining of the Volakas and the durability was an added bonus. I found several porcelain options that were close contenders with marble (like the Cararra) so if you are very budget conscious or working on a larger project you might find it to be a great alternative. The polished (opposed to matte) looks very very similar to a marble stone, but not susceptible to staining which is great for an entryway meant for dirty shoes.

So would you ever know it wasn’t marble if I didn’t tell you? (pst! I wouldn’t have known)

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Next up, the wood tile reveal!






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