statement earrings

You know when you find something and it’s instant love? That’s how I feel about Alejandra Aspillaga Accesorios and her line of earrings. Like, I needed them (#NEED). I took three pairs of her earrings with me to Greece and they were the perfect addition to so many outfits.

This Peruvian gal has a great eye for combining unique colors and shapes for a one-of-a-kind look. Each pair is handcrafted in Peru and is very lightweight. I had such a hard time deciding which pair! They are each so different and I tried to step out of the box a bit with my color combinations. Continue Reading →

Current loves

Hope you have some fun Cinco de Mayo plans lined up! I am so ready for a good margarita tonight! I’m back this month with my next installment of current loves. My recent trip to Greece required some thoughtful packing. I forgot all my scarves at home, but the rest of these made it into my suitcase. Packing smart makes such a difference in how you feel and each of these played a part in my travel style for this trip!

 This linen, striped shirt is wrinkle forgiving and super breezy

field jacket was a must for the temperature swings of Spring in Europe Continue Reading →

back to life | back to reality – a Greece mini recap

After 9 days frolicking around Europe, I am back to the real world. Those post-vacation blues are very real. BUT, we had an amazing, magical trip and I still can’t believe it was real. Since travel guides take time, today I’ve got a Greece mini recap for you.

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Maui Travel Guide

Happy Valentine’s Day! On a day like this, I find our conversations in our house are usually about fun times or experiences together. Some of my favorite memories are when we are relaxed or on vacation. And this is exactly what starts the wheels on planning our next trip! Who knows what we will actually do tonight since we celebrated on Sunday, but I’m looking forward to some quality time at home together!

Maui is our favorite island, for obvious reasons and getting married there isn’t the only one! Maui has a romantic, golden feeling to it. Idyllic and quaint, but at the same time bold and magnificent.

Maui Travel Guide |

In planning our 60 person wedding in 2014, I would say “well-researched” might best describe us.  Maui is probably the most popular Hawaii destination after Honolulu. We like that there are more flight options into Maui due to its popularity. From Houston, for example, you can travel and still catch half of a day at the pool if you really want. I’ve compiled some of our favorites with a few trip to bring you my Maui Travel Guide as part of the Hawaii Travel Guide Series. You can also follow along using my Maui Travel Map.

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