Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

In case you aren’t tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet, I pulled together a few of my favorite finds and what I ordered to try out. It may be the hottest six weeks of the year here in Texas, but that won’t stop me from a good deal. You can hover on the item to learn more or click to go straight to their website.

The Hunter refined rain boots are my favorite weight and this year they come in black or slate. I love my Gorjana necklace, so I am trying out the hoop earrings. I finally pulled the trigger on AG jeans so hopefully, they are all they are cracked up to be. I love to travel in my slip-on sneakers and these black slip-ons are waterproof! I’m also trying a couple of work dresses and sunnies!
What did you order from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I always enjoy shopping with others, even if virtually!

Current loves

I hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July! With the holiday week, the fifth edition of current loves snuck up on me!

The hot summer days are here to stay in Texas, and this month you can definitely get a sense of that with what I’m loving and dying to try!

Love all the fun pool floats, but want an even better price than Amazon? I went to Five Below recently and found numerous fun styles all under $5. Yep! I found the quality is about the same as the fun pineapple we bought last year on Amazon. My favorite is the rosé confetti float I recently took to Mexico!

My favorite breezy summer swing dresses are available in more styles

I’m grateful for my concealer. Making the decision to order another one without trying others is a big deal for me!

Even we are reinspired by our favorite date night spots and went to two last weekend!

I still can’t get enough blue and white.

Reusing my cheap, large-scale art trick at a recent bridal shower.

This week I found Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby. WAYYY too soon!

Date Night in Houston

Do you have a go-to for date night? We have our usual “it’s 7:30 and we are both hungry” places near our house, but then there are our favorite spots for a date night in Houston. Date night is one of the new times we have in a week to connect just the two of us face to face. They may not happen every week; however, that is our goal. Our conversations aren’t as operational or tactical. They tend to bring out our more playful side.

We try to challenge ourselves not to talk about work, but I’ll be honest we aren’t perfect at that! Even having known each other for so long we are still getting to know each other. Just the other day, I learned about a preference on shrimp size (too small = not a fan). Some of our date night spots are also a time when we try a new place and get out of our comfort zone! There is something to be said about trying something new together!

Today, I pulled together a few of our go-to date night in Houston ideas. Some of these are also great for a double date as the energy is a bit more upbeat. We don’t mind white table-cloth kind of places, but you’ll see from the list that we tend to go to lively spots with quality food and drinks. Continue Reading →