Investing in Art

Investing in art is something I don’t think I ever thought I would be excited about as a post-grad. I mean, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Target had lots of options and sometimes you can even get them on sale! What more could I want when decorating my place? While I still do find decor from those places, I find myself going back to meaningful art when I want to add something to our walls.

Last Fall, we commissioned a special ocean painting by Brynn W. Casey for our Christmas presents to each other after our most recent visit to Hawaii. We typically don’t exchange gifts, but I admire the tranquility of the ocean she captures so beautifully. No joke, I had found her on Instagram over the summer and was subtly enjoying her posts in my feed. One morning on a walk near A-Bay on the Big Island, I was looking out over the ocean and thought of her work! I emailed her right away to see if she was available for a commission. It was such a treat to work with her and if anything it has started the snowball of getting more pieces! Here is my picture from that infamous walk:

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I skill look back through my pictures from our last trip!

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blue and white bridal shower

Back in March, I was one of the hostesses for my dear friend’s bridal shower at The Junior League of Houston. The four of us set up a brunch at The League to honor Laura; who doesn’t love an excuse for mimosas! You may remember last year we threw the to-be-weds an engagement party.

blue and white shower4

Laura’s bachelorette party was the same night so we kept things simple! In the Fall, I found a large set of blue and white teacups that Kendra uses at the ranch. We followed our blue and white theme throughout, including the invitations and decor. This Spring chartreuse and navy was everywhere! We took the traditional blue and white and added pops of chartreuse to make it fun. I was walking through H&M several weeks before the shower and they had an entire collection in that color palette. Who knew we were so stylish!  Continue Reading →

Building a (Wedding) Brand: Guest Welcome Bags

You may have noticed I took a little break on the wedding posts. I gave myself a break about thinking wedding. Yes, I loved our wedding and I’ve loved combing through the wedding pictures; however, I got a little overwhelmed when 1,000 pictures arrived on my doorstep mid-renovation. So, I put them away for a little while. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to bring them out in full force yet, but I am cracking the door open. I even printed a couple of pictures finally to give to family and hang in our home. It was nice to take a little break, and now I’m more excited to think and write about it again.
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The Perfect Notebook

For the last 3 years I have used a May Designs notebook (or two!) almost constantly. They are lightweight, the perfect size, and I always love a chance to personalize something!

Some of my notebooks:

  • Non-dated Agenda to log my food and exercise
  • Wedding Planner to help keep me organized and log notes
  • Lined Notebook for general use lists, notes
  • Dated Agenda for planning trips and scheduling
  • Photobook to capture pictures from our wedding hashtag #AlohaJeffus
  • And notecards – I love stationary, and while not a notebook they are from May Designs

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