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A year ago today, Chris and I were surrounded by 60 friends and family members on the Island of Maui to celebrate as we jumped into married life. We spent four solid days enjoying time with our guests and I loved every minute of it! I told myself I needed to get it together after I got overwhelmed when we receiving our wedding photos  (I mentioned that here) so our first anniversary was great motivation to get it done. Last week I posted about the destination travel map I made for Chris for our anniversary.

I created our wedding album, filled with our favorite pictures captured by Dmitri & Sandra, on Shutterfly. It was a bit of a process to narrow down over 1,000 photos and arrange them in the album, but I love how it turned out! To see our virtual album, select the cover picture below. Continue Reading →

Linking with Extra Petite

Jean from Extra Petite is a bubbly, fun, yet still practical blogger. She has a corporate day job, so she is great at showing her readers how to cultivate a polished but still fun wardrobe. I love her taste and its a plus that she has an eye for finding wears that suite those with smaller frames!

In January, Jean posted a question asking her readers about their wedding dress. I had a great experience in finding the perfect dress for my wedding day in Hawaii so I shared a little bit about my hunt and tailoring. I sort of forgot about it as things got busy at work. Today, I woke up to a fabulous surprise! Continue Reading →

Building a (Wedding) Brand: Guest Welcome Bags

You may have noticed I took a little break on the wedding posts. I gave myself a break about thinking wedding. Yes, I loved our wedding and I’ve loved combing through the wedding pictures; however, I got a little overwhelmed when 1,000 pictures arrived on my doorstep mid-renovation. So, I put them away for a little while. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to bring them out in full force yet, but I am cracking the door open. I even printed a couple of pictures finally to give to family and hang in our home. It was nice to take a little break, and now I’m more excited to think and write about it again.
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Building A (Wedding) Brand: All About THE Dress

You might be wondering, “what does the wedding dress have to do with the event brand?” And while I do agree that many brides select the dress (or at least envision the dress) prior to selecting the venue, I was not one of those brides. Wedding dress shopping was exciting, don’t get me wrong. Since we had a destination wedding, it was one of the first things I could actually touch and feel about our wedding day. But for me, it wasn’t the first time I have gone through the process of trying on loads of sample-size floor-length gowns and I knew the process wouldn’t be one I got to check off my to-do list that easily. I’ll post some blasts from the past someday, but that would require unpacking boxes and I’ve gotten quite good at ignoring them lately.wedding dress 01

I went to four bridal stores in the Houston area based on the designers each carried. I took photographs of every dress I tried on so I could reflect on them once the bright lights and butterflies had worn off. I found that to be really helpful! My top two contenders were from BHLDN and Nashville-based designer, Olia Zavozina, who essentially custom makes each dress to her brides dimensions!

wedding dress 2

The best part of dress-finding story is that I went to BHDLN and tried it on by myself. It wasn’t completely random, since during my first visit the ladies there told me about a Badgley Mishka dress that was due to come in any day that they thought would be perfect. I could see it online, but the sample had not arrived to the Houston store yet. Sure enough, it came in on Halloween day! I got a call around four and immediately dashed over without really thinking about my family or friends! They were all busy since it was Halloween night by this time and I ended up FaceTiming with my Mom and Grandma followed up with a second FaceTime with Kendra. I kept laughing because I probably looked a little crazy in there all by myself trying on THE dress. The following Saturday my Mom, Grandma, future mother-in-law, Kendra, and roommate, Laura, joined me at BHLDN to show off the dress and pop open a bottle of bubbly! It was a nice relaxed occasion since I had mentally already decided the Odessa was the one!

wedding dress trees

My gown still required quite a bit of alterations to fit my frame, but that was to be expected. I felt amazing on my wedding day! My dress fit like a glove, thanks to Nhu! (If you are looking for a meticulously altered dress, I would use her again in a heartbeat). I absolutely loved my gown and I was so excited to show Chris on the big day! The Odessa was perfect for Hawaii and wearing wedges underneath was a must due to the venue!

The Odessa had some classic elements, such as, the Chantilly white lace and conservative neckline; however, it was not as traditional with the sheath skirt and keyhole in the back. I shared my dress pictures with Patty very early on! I loved how it reminded me of the vintage feelings of Olowalu! We referenced the traditional but vintage look when deciding on decor and tables.Amanda and Chris-0132

Amanda and Chris-0148 Amanda and Chris-0188 Amanda and Chris-0203 Amanda and Chris-0227 I felt like a bride and my heart still pitter patters when I look at our wedding pictures.

While I never had that oh em gee moment filled with tears and jumping up and down, I certainly knew it was the one when I tried it on!

Amanda and Chris-0322

An extra special thank you to Dmitri & Sandra for capturing our wedding day! If you’ve had your chance to be a bride, did you have that moment? or if you haven’t had your chance yet, do you think you’ll be like me or get more excited?