Life Lately

The last few months have flown by for us. We hosted another successful birthday party celebrating America, finally finished our exterior house updates, traveled to Belize with some dear friends, and even found time to book a Fall trip to the Big Island (Chris’ first time!). I’ve found myself unusually ready for Fall and a slower pace and some cooler weather.


I’ll still getting caught up on life lately, but I’ll get there. More to come!


Summer Dinner Party Dessert

A couple of weeks ago I was in the mood to bake, but I can’t leave baked goods in my house. They are magic and disappear!

I looked online for a light dessert that would be easy to take to a dinner party. It turned out great and was very easy to throw together. They were even kid approved!summery lemon cake

Using this recipe, I made a one layer lemon sheet cake with a cool whip-based icing. I loved that I could use my 10X15 jelly roll pan (similar) which made it easy to transport. I had most of it on-hand so I altered the recipe slightly, but I think the results were the same. I used a vanilla pudding mix instead of lemon and then added lemon abstract. I made the cake, let it cool, and then iced it just before heading to the party. I garnished with raspberries when I plated them.  Continue Reading →

Grand Mosque

While travelling in the Middle East, I made a visit to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to the United Arab Emirates three times prior, but this was my first time to the nation’s capital. Going by myself, I was cautious to be respectfully dressed when I arrived. I took my favorite Lilly Pulitzer scarf to cover my head and the woman at security loved it! It was about 85 degrees but the air was very dry. They provide a self-guided tour and spend a lot of time discussing the architecture, building process, and worldly connections.


Being that this was my first mosque to visit, I felt like there were a few things that were especially interesting to me:

The Grand Mosque was completed in 2007. Having traveled in Europe, it surprised me that this structure was so new. It was immaculately kept and pristine white.

The scale of the grounds you can feel when you are inside is difficult to describe. Totalling 30 acres with capacity for 40,000 people, not including the parking area (which was also huge), it is larger than most football stadiums. Continue Reading →

National Park Tours – Arches

Chris and I recently took a road trip to Arches National Park outside of Moab, Utah. It was my first time to go to Utah (yay for a new state!) and we made the trek for some beautiful sites and hikes.


On the way out, the La Sal Mountains provided an amazing backdrop and this extreme juxtaposition between the arid red rock and the snow-capped mountains. I couldn’t get enough pictures of the natural beauty.Arches1 Continue Reading →