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It seems like I am always traveling during the official launch of the Target Fall Catalog. If only I could convince the Mr. that a trip to Target is totally necessary – today! Last year was all about PLAID. And while plaid is still hanging out, there is a much more organic shape, romantic, softer vibe going on with the linear stripes. I pulled out my Fall decor last weekend, but the house was not quite photo ready after a fun Saturday night celebrating my mother-in-law and watching the Aggies win. Now that Target has some exciting new pieces, I think I need to wait for those to arrive!

So Emily Henderson beat me to the punch with her favorites. And she has some awesome picks, but I can’t hoard the entire decor section of Target in my house every season. So I picked out a couple of things as gifts (only 94 days until Christmas) and a few things for the house.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the Target Fall Catalog:


The dark blue walls remind me of our Master bedroom. I love how the studded nightstand pops against the blue and midcentury vibe. The different textures from the textiles and nightstand provide interest while letting the bold walls standout.  Continue Reading →

2nd year house update

Last Saturday marked two years of living life on Linton. Reflecting back, I feel like we have accomplished so much – like rocking married life, owning a home, paying off our cars and student loans, and improving our green thumbs. When I look at our home, I am really proud of what it represents for us. The first year was very much working on the insides. Not unlike a butterfly, we hid under our old cocoon and only recently did the exterior really start to transform.

I joking call our home an old lady sometimes. But really. She is 61 years old. Sometimes things leak, creak, or need a little lift!

DSC_1087 (2)

paint updates1

This Spring we replaced our water heater with a new Rinnai tankless version and updated our fencing. I added some new window treatments in our front living area. After we got started outside, the momentum really got going. I refreshed all the concrete with a fresh power washing and added some mulch to our back beds. We had the exterior siding and trim repaired/replaced and had everything painted. Most recently, we upgraded all of our exterior lights. Much like jewelry, it finished off our 2016 house updates! Continue Reading →

Getaway to Sonoma

This weekend we flew off to Sonoma for a date weekend. It was a nice treat to travel together to California and drive up to Sonoma. We spent an entire day in the wine country, exploring our way through Pinot Noir country. We opted to fly into San Francisco so I could drive over the Golden Gate bridge. It was my first and second times! The weather was gorgeous both ways, and we really lucked out with traffic. sonoma1

golden gate sunset

We started our getaway to Sonoma at Willi’s Wine Bar in Santa Rosa. We had some great tapas on their patio and a bottle of wine. After traveling to Sonoma we enjoyed the great service and easy living. On Saturday, we began our day at La Crema Estate at Saralee’s Vineyard in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Known for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we had a great time enjoying the best of their barrels out on the patio.  Continue Reading →

Hatch green chiles

Green chiles are a staple in my in-laws’ house. With a deep history in New Mexico, I always look forward to Pozole season and adding Hatch green chiles. Each region of the US seems to have their thing – Vidalia onions, Maine lobsters, and Hatch green chiles.

The most straight-forward way to use green chiles is roasted and basically like you would use bell peppers. I decided to do a little digging during Central Market’s Hatch Green Chile Festival (aptly named Hatch-a-palooza) last week. I found a couple of great gourmet items that would make it a little easier to add some Hatch flair on a regular weeknight.

Green chile 1

For breakfast, I’ve been making a scrambler with mostly egg whites, onions, peppers, butternut squash, and ground turkey or ground chicken. I then top it with avocado or salsa depending on my mood. I added some actual roasted Hatch green chiles and also some Hatch green chile powder (mine is from Chef Milton, available at Central Market) when I browned the meat. Since I make my breakfast during meal prep, I could really taste the heat by day three!

Another yummy way I added Hatch to my life was with my potatoes. I boiled red potatoes, drained, and added a little butter, truffle salt, and pepper. Then I stir it in the pot to make it a little mushy. I topped it with some non-dairy Hatch sauce and gave it a final stir. What an exciting addition to a very simple side. I paired mine with a Hatch green chile crab cake from Central Market and some peppered bacon-wrapped asparagus. I took the potatoes, asparagus, and grilled chicken (further down) for lunch and caught a few envious eyes – it’s always the bacon!

green chile 4 Shrimp on a salad is one of my go-to dinners. Last summer it was with mango (here is my favorite recipe) and this year it’s a chopped salad with some Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch and Hatch green chile marinated shrimp. I will either grill them on quickly cook them in a skillet after sitting in a simple marinade with Hatch green chiles for about 30 minutes. My marinate is pretty simple with some Old Bay seafood seasoning, olive oil, a little orange if I have one, and some Hatch green chiles.

green chile 5 Continue Reading →