Kitchen Inspiration

We are moving forward over here at Lady Linton. If you are just joining, you can see how we were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in August 2018. While the process with insurance is not short, it is important to make progress on moving forward. Today, I am sharing a visual for my kitchen inspiration.

We recently picked out appliances, repurchased wood floor tile (you might remember it from here), and I’ve picked out most plumbing fixtures.

To start, I pulled together a board on Pinterest for our remodel. Granted this was not a planned remodel, but we aren’t knocking everything down and rebuilding. For the most part, we are working with our floor plan plus a couple of minor tweaks.

Our house is pretty simple, so the words clean, transitional, and modern all come to mind. What it’s not is mid-century or contemporary. We still have a 1950s ranch house after all!


range | faucet | sink | pendant | wood floorbacksplash | wall color

We are keeping the same Sherwin William paint colors I picked when we moved into our house. along with the same wood tile. I knew I want to keep with white cabinets as this room gets dark given its location in our house. In line with these selections, I am going with light white and gray stone countertops and back splash, a large porcelain under-mount sink in cashmere (a medium gray), and stainless fixtures and appliances. I plan to warm up the room with pops of blue in my kitchen pieces, some mixed metal accents, and textiles.

Many more decisions to come. Thanks for following along in my journey to rebuild after Harvey.



Recovering from Harvey

Four weeks ago this weekend, just hours after hosting friends over for what would be the last party in our “pre-Harvey” house, flood waters came into Lady Linton and forever changed us. I haven’t had the words to write about what happened. It’s impossible to explain unless you’ve gone through it. My safe place, my pride and joy, my first house will never be the same. We are grateful for our safety and that the water did not come up too high as we were able to salvage some of our possessions.

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Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie

Yesterday, I walked outside for lunch and I wasn’t instantly hit with extreme heat and humidity. We are over the hump of Summer and on the downward path to Fall. I am back into my routine of preparing meals on Sunday to enjoy over the week. Note: not leftovers! This dish evolved as I was creating it, but I ended up with an healthy shepherd’s pie and I was pretty excited.

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Athens | Greece Travel Guide

This stop is all about Athens, Greece. If you’re just joining in, you can also find my Greece recap, along with all about Santorini and Mykonos.  You can also follow along with a travel map (also great while actually in Athens) and see our entire Greece itinerary.

It was important to me to visit Athens to see and experience this rich history in person. But, I’d heard that the city of Athens is still very much a big city. We spent one full day in Athens taking in all we could and it was the perfect amount of time for us. We enjoyed two beautiful nights looking out at the Acropolis. Grecians really know how to kill it with the outdoor lighting.


Overall, we spent 9 days in Greece with 2 nights in Athens. From the US, it was most common to arrive in the early evening into Athens. It takes about 45 minutes to go from the airport to central Athens. It was something we hadn’t thought much about, but we were able to Uber there with no issues. We dropped our things at the hotel and walked to the main shopping street to start exploring.

{Travel trip: a solid day in Athens will give you plenty of time to see all the main historical sights and get your hands on some authentic Greek wine}

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